NuTronics Technologies

Next Generation Radiation Detection

What We Do

Isotope Identification

Our technology simultaneous detects multiple types of radiation for superior identification of nuclear materials. Find out if a problem exists, and what's causing it.

Threat Localization

Handheld radiation detectors allow for mapping of radiation intensity, and our design allows for enhanced precision with built-in directionality.

Real Time Analytics

Software developed with the help of experts in physics, engineering, and nuclear energy works in real time to get you the information YOU need in an emergency .


NuTronics Technologies' Mission

At NuTronics Technologies, our goal is to help safeguard global security through cutting-edge nuclear detection solutions. Rooted in the pursuit of nuclear non-proliferation efforts and nuclear safety, with a team with experience in machine learning and high energy physics, we are dedicated to developing innovative technologies that identify and mitigate potential threats arising from nuclear materials. Our commitment extends beyond commercial interests – we are driven by a responsibility to empower governments, organizations, and communities with the tools necessary to detect, prevent, and respond to nuclear hazards. With a fusion of scientific excellence and entrepreneurial spirit, we are forging a path towards a coexistence with nuclear energy, ensuring a resilient future and green power opportunities  for generations to come.


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Aidan Gibbons


An economic and strategy consultant in the energy space bringing over five years of business experience to the table.

Ryan Dorrill, PhD


 A PhD graduate from University of Hawaii with ten years of experience in nuclear and high energy physics.

Dr. Sergio Gonzalez


Entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in engineering, supply chain, and project management.